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Reading Your Meter In Alberta

DATE:2014-01-08 | comments: | posted by:liuailin

People may don’t know how to read natural gas meter in some places. Introduced the reading of meter in Alberta next.

Meter reading - estimated or actual

Meters record how much natural gas you used during the billing period and are read at regular intervals, usually every second month. For the months that your meter is not read, monthly consumption is estimated. The government does not require gas companies to base their bills strictly on meter reads. Estimates are allowed, provided they are reconciled to actual consumption as soon as possible. Your bill will state whether the current charges are based on an estimate of your consumption or an actual meter reading. If you learn to read your natural gas meter and regularly submit your own readings, it may result in more accurate readings than if your distribution company estimates your consumption. Be sure to submit the reading on the day you read the meter. Your gas distribution company may not accept a meter reading submitted more than one business day after the day the meter was read. How to read your meter:
1 To read your meter, mark the exact position of each dial hand.
2 When the dial hand is directly pointing to a number, record that number.
3 When the dial hand is between two numbers, write the lower number, except when it's between 0 and 9, then use 9.
4 DO NOT report the 1,000 dial. But, consult the 1,000 dial, and if it is 5 or higher, round up the 10,000 dial by one digit. For the example shown below, the meter reading to be reported is 908. Submit your reading on the same date you read your meter.

Sample reading

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