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What is City Gate /Transmission/Distribution gate?

DATE:2014-01-08 | comments: | posted by:liuailin

As we know, natural gas was used in every part of our daily life,the using of water heater, some of appliance can not without natural gas. But the natural gas from the source of the natural gas well to our home need a long distance and many procedures, the pressure of natural gas have been in a very high condition,although the gas pressure get our home, we can not use it because of the high pressure, so it need a pressure reduction process, the city gate station was appeared at the moment.

High-pressure transmission pipelines move the gas from the production company’s cleaning plants to gas distribution companies for sale to consumers. Regulators control the high-pressure gas as it moves along the pipeline. At city gate stations and farm taps, regulators reduce the pipeline gas pressure to distribution pressure. To provide a constant, measurable gas pressure, service regulators control the gas pressure before it enters the customer’s residence or building.

City gate station is a gas reduction station combined various valve, filter, safety device, pipeline, gas pressure regulator, manometer and other spare parts. According to the research of Hengshui Runfeng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. The gas pressure regulator is the key part in the gas gate station to regulate the natural gas pressure. The performance of the gas pressure regulator directly affect the result of pressure reduction. Filter is also very important, it will lead to the fail work of the gas pressure regulator (governor) if there are impurities in the natural gas. The best valve chosen for inlet and outlet valve is ball valve which have the better sealing.

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