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JE series Regional cabinet-type gas control point

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JE series Regional cabinet-type gas control point is used for regulating the highmedium pressure and mediumlow pressure in the network of city/urban gas distribution and transmission pipeline .It apply to residential district, public area and gas equipments, etc..

The Internal Pipe Structure of Cabinet

1+0 (one reduction line)
1+1 (one reduction line + by-pass)
2+0 (two reduction line)
2+1 (two reduction line + by-pass) 

Product Features:

1. Safety Guarantee:The installed Safety Shutoff Valve and Safety Relief Valve can control the pressure swiftly, to make sure the regulator’s safety.
2. Every pressure branch way adopts 100% flow design, automatic shutoff the major and subsidiary way to make sure the fluent gas supply.
3. Install handy regulate valve on the side way.
4. Excellent Expansibility, can install alarm and remote according to the consumer's requirement.
5. Small in size, beautiful shape, environment friendly, adapt to indoor and outdoor requirements.
6. Reasonable structure, well-made function, high reliability and good adjustable capability.
7. Easy installation, maintenance, easy Cleaning.


Standard Flow Chart

1.Inlet Insulation Joint (optional)
2. Needle Valve
3. Pressure Shower (optional)
4. Inlet ball-valve
5. Inlet Pressure Meter
6. Gas Filter
7. Differential Manometer (optional)
8. Safety Shutoff Valve
9. Gas Pressure Regulator
10. Outlet Pressure Meter
11. Pressure-test Valve(Relief Valve)
12. Outlet Valve
13. Dirt Clean Valve
14. Sideway ball-valve
15. Handy Regulator
16 Safety Relief Valve
17. Relief ball-valve
18. Outlet Insulation Joint (optional) Main technical parameters for standard station


Model JE-150D/S JE-
JE-600D/S JE-1000D/S JE-2000D/S JE-3000D/S
Inlet Pressure
0.2 ~ 4 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges 0.01~0.3bar
AC ≤±5% 
SG ≤+10% 
Working Temperature (°C) -20-60
Qmax.(Nm3/h) 150 300 600 1000 2000 3000
Regulator RTZ-50FQ RTZ-50FQB   RTZ-50SP RTZ-65SP RTZ-80SP RTZ-100SP
Inlet(DN) 50 50 80 100 125 150
Outlet(DN) 50 80 100 150 200 250

Qmax data is when Inlet Pressure set to 0.1-0.15MPa,Maximum Outlet Pressure setted to 5KPa,and the gas is the standard natural gas,which relative density is0.61. Referred to other gases,the Qmax data must multiply the coefficient; JE-*DM series and JE-*SM series pressure regulation stations are almost specially designed and produced according to the users’ supplied parameters.

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