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JG Series pressure regulating stations for boiler

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JG Series pressure regulating stations is specially used for gas regulating stations, which includes gas-filtering measures, the regulator, the overpressure / loss pressure off safety shutoff and safety relief.The structure is usually like a tank, and covers small area , beautiful designed , suitable for families and outside installation.

JG Series for boiler is designed based on the most common used standards . PS:Inlet Pressure P1=1 ~ 4bar(natural gas ), P1=0.3 ~ 1bar (coal gas ); Outlet Pressure P2=0.05 ~0.15bar.The user can choose the stations according to different heat value (natural gas and coal gas).

Technical Data

Applicable medium:Natural gas ,Manufactured gas
Inlet Pressure Ranges : P1=0.5 ~ 4 bar(Natural gas); P1=0.3 ~ 1bar (Manufactured gas)
Outlet Pressure Ranges:P2=0.05 ~ 0.15 bar
                                                                            Pressure Regulator Precision: ≤±5%
                                                                            Flowmeter Precision: 1.0 grade or 1.5 grade
                                                                            Close Pressure Pb: ≤+10%
                                                                            Working Temperature :-20 ~ 60°C

Basic Equipment

JG Series Regulator Box mainly include: Inlet/Outlet Valve, gas filter, gas pressure regulator,safety shutoff valve, measurement meters, safety relief valve, pipeline and local meters.

Flow Chart

1.Inlet Insulation Joint(extra)
2.Inlet valve
4.Pressure loss gauge(extra)
5.Valve for pressure loss gauge (extra)
6.Inlet Pressure gauge
7. Slam shut valve
8. Pressure reducing regulator
9.Outlet Pressure gauge
10.Outlet valve
11.Bypass inlet valve
12.Manual regulator valve(extra)
13. Relief valve
14. Ball valve
15. Outlet Insulation Joint(extra)
16. Metering
17. Ball valve Process chart is based on the abovementioned most often used in transmission and distribution process, only can be considered as references, more is based on the user's specific requirements and the related matching Equipments

Reference Table

No. MODEL Inlet Pressure
Outlet Pressure
Rating Flow
Boiler range(T)
Natural Gas Coal Gas
1 JG-100** 0.3 ~ 4 0.01~0.15 100 0.5T,1T  0.5T 
2 JG-200** 0.3 ~ 4 0.05~0.15 200 1.5T,2T or Total≤2T boilers 1T 
3 JG-400** 0.3 ~ 4 0.05~0.15 400 2.5T,3T,4T or Total≤4T boilers 1.5T,2T or Total≤2T boilers
4 JG-600** 0.3 ~ 4 0.05~0.15 600 5T,6T,8T or total≤8T and single≥1T boilers 2.5T,3T,4T or Total≤4T boilers
5 JG-1000** 0.3 ~ 4 0.05~0.15 1000 10T,15T or total≤15 T and single≥2T boilers 5T,6T or total≤8T and single≥1T boilers
6 JG-2000** 0.3 ~ 4 0.05~0.15 2000 20T,25T or total≤25T and single≥3T boilers 8T,10T or total≤10T and single≥2T boilers
7 JG-3000** 0.3 ~ 4 0.05~0.15 3000 30T or total≤30T and single≥4T boilers 15T or total≤15 T and single≥3T boilers

The rating flow in table :Inlet Pressure 0.1-0.15MPa,under the standard state with 0.61 relative density.The coefficients about coal gas is 1.17.The user can choose our product according to Inlet pressure, Outlet Pressure,Medium,gas heat value and so on.

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