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JM Series High-High Pressure, High-Medium Pressure Regulate

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JM Series High-High Pressure, High-Medium Pressure Regulate Stations are used in long distance gas transportation, in the first station's low area or city medium pressure pipeline's upper area,such as City Gates Station, Gas Pipeline Station, CNG Station, etc, and used as pressure adjustment and pressure stabilization equipment for High-High Pressure, High-Medium Pressure Pipeline. It has various functions, such as purification, measurement, pressure regulate, distribution and safety assurance,can also install gas alarm system, automatic control and scent-adding equipment.

JM Series Pressure Regulate Stations always adopt the whole configuration.High-High Pressure, High-Medium Pressure Regulate Stations are chosen according to the consumers' matching equipment and the related design processes.Our pledge is to offer the consumers the firstclass products and the best services.

Applicable medium

Natural gas ,Manufactured gas ,Liquefied petroleum gas and other gases.

Parameters & Functions

Inlet Pressure: 1 ~ 64bar
Outlet Pressure: 0.5~40bar
Pressure Regulate: Select double-way, three-way or multi-way Structure
pressure regulate precision ≤±1%
Safety Precautions: Shutoff Valve and Safety Relief Valve


Measure Equipment

Select turbine flow meter or other measure equipments, measure precision include1.0 grade or 1.5 grade, revise equipment is attached

Dust Catcher Equipment

Select tornadic dust catcher or separator

Purification Equipment

Filter and Stainless steel cloth,filtration precision include 5μm、20μm、50μm and100μm

Handy Valve

Ball Valve or butterfly

Valve Control Valve

Select Electricity Valve or Steam Valve

Heat Equipment

Select Electricity Heater, Water Heater or Steam Heater

Data Composing

Include local pressure, temperature, pressure difference, flow , gas data, and equipment performance data

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