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Direct-acting Spring-loaded Gas Pressure Regulator

DATE:2014-01-18 | comments: | posted by:liuailin

RTZ-15/0.2H Gas pressure regulator is direct-action spring-loaded regulator, apply to the indoor, villas and industry site, straight-through high precision control, large flow, internal filtering, good maintainable ability.


Technical Data:

Connection way: screw connection G½×G½
Pressure type: build-in type
Allowable maximum inlet pressure: 2bar
Outlet pressure set range: 0.01~0.05bar
Accuracy Class: up to AC5
Lock-up Pressure Class: up to SG10
Class of lock-up pressure zone: up to SZ2.5
Working Temperature: -20~60℃
Response time: ta ≤ 1s
Rated flow: 3~6 m³/h

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