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Double lines gas regulator for boiler

DATE:2014-11-10 | comments: | posted by:rfs

Double lines gas regulator box/Multipled gas regulator box/ Double lines gas regulator for boiler / Box-type gas pressure release device/ Gas valve block
Inlet Pressure Range (P1) 0.4-0.015MPa
Outlet Pressure Range(P2) 1-100KPa
Flow Range 1500-3500m3/h
Construction Type 2+0 (one for pressure regulating, one for standby application)
Pipe diameter for inlet DN100
Pipe diameter for outlet DN200
Direction of inlet & outlet Horizontal direction (can be improved as client’s required)


1. Filter (filter fineness 10μm), equipped with differential pressure gauge

2. Pressure regulating and stabilizing (Stabilizing fineness AC5)

3. Safety Cut-off (when the pressure is more 1.5 times than outlet pressure (P2), this device start)

4.Safety blow off (when the pressure is more 1.3 times than outlet pressure (p2), the blow off valve start)

This gas pressure regulating box is suitable for medium-sized gas boiler, burner (10T-28T), Residents, burning system of large-scale industry group.

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