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AQZ Series Gas Safety Shut-off Valve

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It is used in gas pipeline system,when the regulator’s outlet pressure is higher or lower than certain value, the safety shutoff valve can quickly shut off the gas flow to ensure the safety of gas.It is widely used in industrial and civilian consumers

Applicable medium

Natural gas, Manufactured gas, Liquefied petroleum gas,and other gases.

Technical Parameters

Maximum Inlet Pressure P:≤ 40 bar
Act Pressure Range P:0.01-12 bar (Act Pressure has 5 levels)
Act Precision:±5% Respond Time: ≤ 1 sec
Working Temperature: -20 ~ 60°C
Pressure Grade PN1.6 MPa、2.5MPa、4.0MPa


High Accuracy,Fast Response;
Use gas pipeline oneself pressure without any extra energy;
Low Demand for Medium Cleanness,
Normal Work in Bad Situation Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Connections Flange Connect

DN50、DN80、DN100、DN150、DN200、DN250 Flange Grade PN1.6 MPa、2.5MPa、4.0MPa

Overall Dimensions

Specification            L H H1
DN50 250 420 112
DN80 300 480 145
DN100 350 500 154
DN150 450 580 198
DN200 450 580 198
DN250 580 680 360

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