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CMR gas pressure regulator for dual-fuel engines

DATE:2014-08-23 | comments: | posted by:Grady
CMR Group has launched a new line of gas engine pressure regulators, which provide control of pressure levels within dual-fuel or natural gas engines.

CMR’s regulators enable high-pressure gas fuel from lines and tanks to be reduced to safe and/or usable pressures for the secure and reliable operation of high horsepower technology used in a wide range of harsh environments including the onshore/offshore oil and gas industry.

The new regulators will available to worldwide OEMs, integrators and packagers and end-users on a 10 day or less lead time. These will include non-relieving and relieving P200 pressure regulators; P133 low and high pressure regulators; P600 pressure, monitor pressure and relief regulators; P143 standard pressure regulators; P99 2-in. NPT pressure reducing regulators; and P289 backpressure precision engineered regulators.

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