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RTZ-GQ Series Gas Pressure Regulator

DATE:2014-03-07 | comments: | posted by:liuailin

RTZ-※/※GQ Type gas pressure regulator apply to small gas boiler, industry furnace, can be used as loaded pressure regulation of the big regulator.

Products Features:
High regulating precision, prompt response, good close performance, easy pressure setting, convenient to install and maintain,  automatic cut-off gas supply when overpressure of outlet pressure , manual reset.

Applicable Medium:
Natural gas, manufactured gas, LPG, mixed gas with air and other non-corrosiveness medium.

Technical Data:
Inlet Pressure Range: P1 0.05~6.4Mpa
Outlet Pressure Range: P2 0.02~0.4, 0.4~0.8, 0.6~1.6, 1.6~2.5, 2.5~4
                 Accuracy Class: AC5
                 Lock-up Pressure Class: SG15
                 Working Temperature: -20~60℃
                 Nominal Diameter: DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50


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