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RTZ- ※/0.4A Series Direct-operated Gas Pressure Regulator

DATE:2014-03-07 | comments: | posted by:liuailin

RTZ- ※/0.4A series is used for regulating and stabilizing medium pressure of city piping, apply to the pressure regulating of residential area and restaurant, commercial users, industry users and gas boiler of different flow rate requirements.


Products Features:

Large flow capacity, Stable pressure, Safe and reliable.


Applicable Medium:

Natural gas, manufactured gas, LPG, mixed gas with air and other non-corrosiveness medium.


Technical Data:

Inlet Pressure Range: P1 0.01~0.4 MPa
Outlet Pressure Range: P2 1.0~50 KPa
                        Accuracy Class: AC10
                        Lock-up Pressure Class: SG20
                        Connection Diameter: DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200
                        (PN1.6 Flange)
                        Working Temperature: -20℃~60 ℃


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