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How to Adjust a Gas Regulator

DATE:2014-10-27 | comments: | posted by:Grady

A gas pressure regulator is an intermediate device between the supply of gas (usually a line or a tank) and the equipment that consumes the gas. Regulators are required because the pressure from  the tank or the line needs  to be reduced to a usable level before it is delivered to the gas device. Proper pressure must be maintained to keep the equipment working properly and to prevent possible explosions.


1. Visually inspect your regulator. Familiarize yourself with the different pressure gauges and ensure you understand what each of them are measuring.

2.Determine which gauge measures line pressure. Most regulators use is written right  on their face.

3. Determine what pressure is needed by referring to your equipment's owners manual.

4. Adjust the line pressure. Turn the adjustment  knob in a clockwise direction until you have reached the desired pressure. If you overshoot the pressure, slowly turn the knob back counterclockwise. A clockwise turn will increase pressure or open the valve. A counterclockwise turn will decrease pressure or close the valve.

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