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RX-※ / ※Series Gas Pressure Regulating (Measurement) Cabinet

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Gas pressure regulating (measurement) cabinet (station) is used for the gas distribution and transmission of high-medium pressure and medium-low pressure. It apply to regulate the pressure of commercial users, direct-fired machine, gas boiler and other gas supply. It is suitable for natural gas, fuel gas, manufactured gas, LPG and other non-corrosive gas.

Main Configuration:

Inlet and outlet valve, gas filter, safety shut-off valve, safety relief valve, metering gauge, controller, pipeline,etc.

Products Features:

1. It integrate pressure regulating, filtering, safety shut off device, safety relief valve as a whole
2. Simple regulator box structure, convenient to maintain.
3. All the products have been done strict airtight and performance test before leaving factory in order to ensure safety gas supply for users .
4. The material of regulator cabinet body adopt steel plate with powder painting, glass fiber reinforced plastics, stainless steel, etc.
5. Customize different regulator box according to the different requirements of our customers.
6. The filter element can be changed and cleaned without removing unit from line.

Technical Data:

Inlet Pressure Range: P1 0.2~ 4 bar
Outlet Pressure Range: P2 0.015 ~ 0.05 bar, 0.05~ 0.3bar, 0.3~2bar
Connection Diameter: DN25, DN40, DN50 ,DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300 (PN1.6 Flange)
Accuracy Class: AC5
Lock-upPressure Class: SG10
Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Alternative Function:
Electric heat tracing, metering and amendment, variety changes of pressure supply, variety changes of temperature supply, electric insulation, remote metering and control, different pressure shown.

The structure of pipeline of regulating pressure:

1+0 (one pressure reduction line)
1+1 (one pressure reduction line + by-pass)
2+0 (two pressure reduction line)
2+1 (two pressure reduction line + by-pass) 

Installation and Operation:

1.The regulator box should be hanged or mounted on the ground. To sling or put down the regulator box should be carefully when install it and can not make it incline and inversion.
2.It should be installed according to the direction of gas flow of regulator and opposite direction is forbidden. The flange should be parallel and can not force it in place.
3.The airtight test should be done after finishing installation to ensure the leakproofness of the connections of inlet and outlet.
4.To do airtight test for the regulator box’s outlet, test pressure should be 1.1 times as movement pressure of safety device of avoiding the outlet pressure is too high.
5. The installation of regulator box should meet the requirements of Code for Design of City Gas Engineering (GB50028-2006).

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