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RTJ-NH Series Indirect–Operated Regulator

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It is used in high-high and high-medium gas pipeline systems,station field, CNG station as pressure adjustment and pressure stabilization equipment for big/medium commercial consumer.

Applicable medium

Natural gas, Manufactured gas, Liquefied petroleum gas,and other gases.

Technical Parameters

Maximum Inlet Pressure P1max:40 bar
Inlet Pressure Ranges P1:1~40 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges P2:0.6-25
Bar Accuracy Class: ≤±1%
Lock up Pressure:≤ +5%
Working Temperature:-20 ~ 60°C
Pressure Grade :PN1.6 MPa、2.5MPa、4.0MPa


Modularization Structure Design Easy Installation and Maintenance Balanced Valve Core Structure Accuracy of Outlet Pressure Enactment,Easy Enactment Big Flow Capability,Wide Applicable Area High Accuracy,Fast Response,Fine turnoff CapabilityValve Position Display Valve Position Display

Extra dispose

Active silence


Flange Connect: DN50、DN80、DN100、DN150、DN200 Flange Grade: PN1.6 MPa、2.5MPa、4.0MPa

Overall Dimensions

Specification A(mm) DN(mm) Flange Standard
RTZ-40FQ 222 40 GB/T9119-2010
RTZ-50FQ 254 50
RTZ-80FQ 298 80

methane-1.05; ethane-0.76;butane-0.55; propane-0.63;air-0.78;
nitrogen-0.79; manufactured gas-1.17; carbon dioxide-0.63.

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