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RTJ-N Series Indirect–Operated Regulator

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It is used in high-medium and medium-medium gas pipeline systems, as pressure adjustment and pressure 
stabilization equipment for residents, industrial/commercial consumers.


Applicable medium

Natural gas, Manufactured gas, Liquefied petroleum gas,and other gases.


Technical Parameters

Maximum Inlet Pressure P1max:8 bar
Inlet Pressure Ranges P1:0.2 ~ 8 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges P2:0.02 ~ 4 bar
Accuracy Class: AC3
Lock up Pressure:≤ +10%
Working Temperature:-20 ~ 60°C



Modularization Structure Design;
Balanced Valve Core Structure;
Accuracy of Outlet Pressure Enactment,
Easy Enactment;
High Accuracy,
Fast Response;
Valve Position Display;
Easy Installation and Maintenance .



Flange Connect DN50、DN80、DN100、DN150
Flange Grade PN1.6 MPa

Overall Dimensions

Specification L A B C H H1 Flange
RTJ-50N 250 330 405 650 430 220 DN50
RTJ-80N 300 430 485 1800 505 298 DN80
RTJ-100N 380 430 485 2500 550 320 DN100
RTJ-150N 450 430 485 5000 550 350 DN150

methane-1.05, ethane-0.76,  butane-0.55,  propane-0.63, air-0.78,
nitrogen-0.79, manufactured gas-1.17, carbon dioxide-0.63

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